Friday, January 18, 2008

This Weekend at Fiore's...

...will feature:

--pizza by the slice
--chocolate chip cookies
--wheat-free chocolate quinoa cupcakes and cake
--chocolate truffles
--chocolate strawberry cake with ganache
--mini cream pies
--zucchini carrot bread
--...and more to be announced!

We never use animal products, artificial colors or hydrogenated oils in our vegan selections. We use fair-trade cocoa and unrefined sugar. Come in and see our growing vegan menu! Here's where we are.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Spinach pie with cashew "cheese"

It's a new recipe invented at Fiore's!

boston cream pie cupcakes

The official dessert of the state of massachusetts now in vegan cupcake form!

One-bite brownies

One day they invaded the bakery and have never left.

black forest cake...

...with whipped cream frosting and cherries in the middle...major yikes.

Cookie hand

Beautiful peanut butter cookies in the making...

Vegan baklava?!

Yes, that's right. The veganologists at Fiore's have discovered a long forgotten tome deep under the deserts of Jamaica Plain (desserts? deserts?) containing a magical spell making this recipe possible.

lovely cake...

...with many many hearts. chocolate + vanilla.

Cupcakes mustachioed

How can you deny such a beautiful vegan moustachio?

Cupcake Army

They marched right into people's mouths!!!

Flying Saucer Tart

It came out of the dark dark starry ether...

sexy, sexy cake

"This cake was seriously sexy" -- lawrence


sweet sweet icing, in action.

Ginger Chocolate Cupcakes

Decorating the cupcakes in the kitchen.